DNA Gensee is a biotechnological laboratory working on plant DNA to offer you the possibility to identify the plant species that are present in your raw materials, ingredients or final products.

Such genetic analyses allow you to guarantee the botanical and geographical authenticity of the natural extracts you are using and to ensure traceability, security and quality.

DNA Gensee uses innovative molecular biological facilities allowing blind analyses on highly processed products thanks to the unique  genetic signature  of each plant. Playing a central role in a technical, scientific and botanical environment, DNA Gensee offers a complete range of services to give keys to solve your industrial problems.

From 17 to 19 April 2018, DNA Gensee will be present at the international In-Cosmetics exhibition in Amsterdam, stand L105 (www.in-cosmetics.com). Nicole Giraud and Nelly Dubrulle will be happy to welcome you and to present you the authenticity of the raw materials and the traceability through the DNA of the plants. Contact Mrs Nicole Giraud, […]

To date,  fraud is a real social issue. Indeed, in recent years, many scandals concerning the adulterations (compoundsnot indicated in the product composition) have been detected. A large number of sectors has been affected such as food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Many consumers still have in mind, the cases concerning “horse meat” in the […]

The power of vegetal DNA in the service of safety and traceability. Citrus, colored and perfumed fruits, are very popular in cosmetics, perfumers and agri-food industries. Known since hundreds of years, they are grouped in 3 main genera (Citrus, Fortunella and Poncitrus) within the Rutacea family. Classification of the species within this family remains complicated. […]