About us

Created in 2012, DNA Gensee is a pionering company specialising in the field of vegetal biotechnology. Recent progress in the field of molecular biology and the advent of next generation sequencing technologies now offer a unique opportunity to precisely identify plants species present in a wide variety of plant-based cosumer goods, from cosmetic products to food supplements or drugs. Exploiting DNA traces, DNA Gensee proposes to detect and precisely identify plant species present in the composition of analyzed substrates.

Our team

Our highly qualified staff – essentially PhD graduates in plant biology – has significant previous experience in the field of biotechnology and genetics, particularly in plant-based perfume production. We will be your specialised partners in responding to your specific needs.

NicoleENPlant biotechnology PhD, graduated in administration/marketing/sales and trained in innovation management, intellectual property and management. Nicole has held various R&D positions in private company and then at the interface of R&D, quality control, marketing / sales and production services, in the field of biotechnology.


In charge of administrative management and partly of commercial prospection of DNA Gensee.

BenjaminENGraduated in genetics, genomics and advanced vegetal technologies, with 8 years of experiences in biology laboratories. Benjamin has a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) expertise. He contributes to improvements of protocols and sequencing technics used at DNA Gensee.

FlorianENPlant biology PhD, Florian is in charge of managing research project in collaboration with industrial and academic partners. He is also in charge of improvement and development of molecular biology new approaches and tools.

NellyENEngineer in biology, Nelly is in charge of management and planning of operations at DNA Gensee.