The CEW is showcasing plant biotechnology and genetic analyses

Plant biotechnology and its genetic analyses applied to cosmetics are one of the three innovations selected by the CEW for the 7th Achiever Awards which will take place on Monday October 15th at the FAUST in Paris.

The CEW is the pre-eminent international network for beauty professionals with 10,000 members in 3 associations in the US, the UK and France.

plant biotechnology genetic

This network’s belief is “beauty is not frivolous, it brings wellness”. In keeping with this belief, the CEW has opened beauty salons offering free beauty treatments for patients in hospitals.

Nicole GIRAUD, CEO of DNA Gensee, nominated for the Achiever Award in the innovation category explains:

“We are proud to innovate every day to let genetics serve the beauty world and the preservation of our plant wealth. We want to prove to cosmetic and fragrances professionals how powerful genetic analysis is in authentication and traceability of natural plant raw materials. We also want to support the values of sharing and mutual aid promoted by the CEW’s actions”.