Genetic analyses to identify Vanilla species

DNA Vanilla authentication

Today, vanilla is one of the most sought-after spices in the world. It is widely used by the food, fragrances and cosmetics industries. But its popularity and the increased global warming (storm, drought…) have caused a drop in yields, which has led to an increase in prices and frauds. However, currently, consumers are increasingly vigilant about the origin and composition of their products. In order to guarantee transparency, it is important to set up methods for authentication and traceability of plant raw materials and natural products.

In this context, DNA Gensee has developed a specific method including barcoding and metabarcoding technologies (species identification of organisms of interest thanks to short specific DNA sequence) for vanilla authentication and traceability. The results and power of this analysis are presented in the article « A major stake for the future: vanilla authentication thanks to DNA », published in Perfumer & Flavorist, Vol. 44 October 2019.

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