The DNA Gensee’s expertise

Security is nowadays a major concern and as current regulations impose new constraints in the fields of cosmeticsperfumery, nutraceuticshealth and care, it is becoming increasingly important to guarantee authenticity, traceability and quality of products brought to market.


DNA Gensee’s expertise allows us to work on DNA fragments and then to perform genetic analyses on various types of products, even if highly processed. Moreover, DNA Gensee is able to work blindly, that is to say without prior knowledge of the plant species which will be identified in the analyzed products. This technology will allow you to ascertain the botanical identity, or even the geographical origin, of the plant species used in your mixtures or your complex substrates. Not only will you be able to certify the authenticity of your products, preventing adulteration or counterfeiting, but also ensure they contain no contaminating plants that could be toxic or allergenic, and guarantee the traceability of prime ingrédients or raw materials.

Metabarcoding technology is a real revolution in its own right. DNA extraction, PCR amplification and DNA sequencing using patented molecular tools (patent license from the Université Joseph Fourier – Grenoble), enable DNA Gensee to track down even the minutest DNA traces hidden in your products. Whether it be raw materials (fresh or dried plants, ground or complete, plant extracts…), ingredients (essential or vegetable oils, butters, honeys, propolis…), finished cosmetic products (creams, gels, shampoos, emulsions…), food supplements or drugs, it is always possible to find traces of DNA fragments and to back-track to the plants that were incorporated into original substrates.

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