DNA Gensee at the 30th IFSCC congress


IFSCC congress

DNA Gensee, the algae and plants biotechnology laboratory went to the 30th IFSCC congress in Munich from September 18th to 21th 2018. This year theme was “Cosmetics : science for beauty and liefestyle”. This theme, in perfect harmony with DNA Gensee’s activities, highlighted exciting topics.

The opening ceremony focused on environmental protection. Dr. Dirk Notz of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology showed the effects of global warming on our planet and the urgency to reduce our CO2 emissions.

During these 4 days, Nicole Giraud and Nelly Dubrulle attended several conferences on various subjects, such as natural ingredients in cosmetics, cosmetics to protect against the undesirable effects of blue light of our screens, or the development of new methods for sensory tests.

The Henry Maso award

Plants biotechnology laboratory

During the closing ceremony, among the awards distributed, Nelly Dubrulle was officially awarded the Henry Maso Award from IFSCC for the article “DNA Metabarcoding As a Tool to Trace Plants of Interest in Ingredients or Cosmetics.”. In her speech, Nelly thanked the IFSCC for this reward, Claudie Willemin, scientific editor of the IFSCC magazine, for her support and Ales Group for the collaboration behind the article:

“We started 6 years ago as a pioneering laboratory for DNA analysis. We are now recognized for our scientific reliability by the players in the cosmetics industry who produce natural products. This award shows that collaborative work between DNA Gensee and its partners and customers can be useful and rewarding, and in this case, we were pleased to work with Ales Group.”

Nelly also discussed the future for the cosmetics industry:

“Today, new active ingredients are being developed every day from new plant species. Establishing relationships with cosmetics manufacturers helps us to develop new genetic markers to meet consumer needs. As you all know, the major challenge for the future is the transparency of sourcing and the processing chain, from the raw material to the final consumer.”

You can find an interview with Nelly Dubrulle on the website of the magazine “Cosmetics & Toiletries”, by following this link : INTERVIEW

Plants biotechnology laboratory

Algae and plants biotechnology laboratory

DNA Gensee is a biotechnology laboratory dedicated to the study of plants and algae. Thanks to the DNA of these, the company helps the cosmetics and fragrance industry to certify and trace plant materials from A to Z on the production line to give consumers the assurance of the authenticity and naturalness of the products.