Traceability and authentication as seen by DNA Gensee and Nicole Giraud

Traceability and authentication

Today, naturalness, traceability and authentication are notions that are increasingly taken into account by consumers. In order to meet this demand and to enable companies that manufacture plant-based products to benefit from innovative DNA technologies, Nicole GIRAUD has created the company DNA Gensee, an expert in plant genetics. In an interview at the I Feel Good exhibition, scheduled for autumn 2020, Nicole Giraud presents her intentions, the performance of DNA analysis and the values of DNA Gensee.

The technology

The technology proposed by DNA Gensee is based on the determination of the genetic signature of plant species using barcoding and metabarcoding techniques. These DNA analyses enable the identification of plant species present in raw materials, ingredients and finished products from the plant DNA they contain. Through these results, DNA Gensee guarantees the quality and security of supply of natural raw materials. This allows the players in the cosmetics industry, among others, to have factual information on the veracity of what they have purchased, and to ensure that what is supplied to them corresponds to their specifications.

The interview

In this interview, Nicole Giraud insists on the traceability necessary to validate the channels, ensure quality and promote transparency of what is sold. Indeed, only total control can reduce the high rate of fraud on natural raw materials. Traceability will thus make it possible to create virtuous circles between players in the field for better consumer safety.

Traceability and authentication

You can find all this information with more details in the interview conducted by I Feel good event

Traceability and authentication